Action Manager™️

Action Manager™️ is a software framework that facilitates defining, publishing, oranizing, and executing actions. Do more with less effort!

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  • Make your codebase easier to read, test, maintain, and reuse.
  • Speed up your development time by reducing boilerplate code.
  • Reuse existing implementations for a wide range of common application tasks.
  • Integrate with an active open source ecosystem that includes community contributed translations, handlers, and widgets.
  • Built in undo and redo support.
  • Dynamic user interface featuring reactive widgets and adaptive layouts.

How It Works

Action Manager uses a declarative approach to define actions, and a command pattern to invoke handlers. Handlers are isolated from the codebase by using a context that incorporates action targets, parameters, and a dispatch environment.

An interface-based architecture permits actions to be rendered in various ways, such as buttons, menu items, fabs, lists, and API tools. Actions can be invoked by a multiple sources, including the end user, network endpoints, scripts, undo/redo frameworks, and unit tests.

Try It Today

You can view our Action Manager API Toolkit on NPM.

action-manager on NPM