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Consumer Products

Sel-Sync Browser Extension

Selective Aspect Synchronization for Browsers
Featuring Advanced Google Docs Integration

Sel-Sync Native

Integrate Sel-Sync services with your desktop, laptop, tablet, wearable, mobile device, or vehicle.
Native goes beyond the browser extension functionality.

Study Spot

A portal for private and group instruction.
Built on the "Come Together" platform

Wordscript and

A script first based application for generating and deploying media in various formats.
To be released in Summer 2024

Frameworks And Software Development Kits

Sel-Sync Developer Tools

Tools for integrating Sel-Sync with websites and native applications.
Includes frontend API, backend API, widgets, and more.

Come Together

A collaborative project management operating system.
Built using Sel-Sync and Tagspace technology.

Action Managerâ„¢

An action framework.
Open source

Data Def

A comprehensive data management framework.
Includes specification and Javascript API.


A observation framework for crafting extensions, plugins, addons. and observation based runtimes
Open source


Tools for integrating the CATTS Cascading Attribute System.
Includes support for Rust, C, and Javascript.


A practical library of interfaces, algorithms, references, and implementations.
Open source